Seawall Repair and Construction Florida

We Specialize in Seawall and Dock Construction and Repair,
Serving All of Pinellas County.

including Tarpon Springs, Clearwater, St Pete and Tierre Verde.

We offer high quality professional service, licensed & insured with over 25 years experience.

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We offer piling wrapping to help protect your piling from marine parasites.We also offer high-quality decking.

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Seawall Repairs

With our seawall construction and repair we provide seawall cap, tieback rods, well point drains, grout eroded slab joint seams.

New Seawall Installation

Vinyl corrugated sheet piling. (& Seawall cap, tieback rods, well point drains)


If you are in need of services relating to seawall repair or seawall construction in Pinellas County
and the surrounding areas, your search ends right here.

We at Absolute Marine, Seawall Specialist, are committed to providing the most effective and advanced solutions for your particular requirements, which are also backed by top notch customer service.

We can not only create a seawall for you from scratch, we also provide services for sea wall repair in St Petersburg to help you safeguard your property in the most effective way possible. Our services to construct a new seawall or to repair and existing one can be beneficial in many ways:

Protection of your entire property.

As you know, forces of nature such as the wind, moisture, rain, thunderstorms, and more can easily alter the shape and size of your property. Erosion is a constant process and you may not even be aware of it on a day-to-day basis. Plus there could be possible damage and flooding resulting from a storm or cyclone.

Our services for seawall construction in Pinellas County help to guard against such erosion in the natural course as well as destructive climatic events which you cannot predict but which you want to be prepared for.

The aesthetics of sea wall construction and sea wall repair.

A seawall is an aesthetically attractive addition to your property, which also opens up new leisure potential for you and your family. Repairs to an existing seawall can help restore strength as well as aesthetic value. The construction or repair of a seawall also increases the value of your property.

Positive ecological impact.

There is also evidence to suggest that seawalls can prevent loss of habitat and ecosystem and help to preserve biodiversity of an area.

So give us a call or write to us today to know more about seawall construction or repair.

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